A Short Video from Via Lucis

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A couple of years ago, PJ and I made a few short videos from our photographs. This one features music from “Requiem for my Friend” by Zbigniew Preisner, including the astonishing “Lachrimosa.”

Note, this is best when viewed full screen.

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Ornaments for the National Christmas Tree


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Excitement is building in Minnesota this year as the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree will be coming from the Chippewa National Forest, located right here in our great state.  The tree has been chosen and it is 65 feet tall.  Along with the tree, our state will be donating 10,000 ornaments to help decorate it.  There are several contests running to encourage artists and citizens to create works of art to send along the way, and one of those is taking place at our wonderful State Fair.

The contest has some criteria to meet including the ornament has to be less than 12 inches tall, it must be 2 or 3 dimensional, and it has to weigh less than 1/2 pound.  It also has to include one of the following features from the state park logo: an eagle, Ojibwe floral bead work design, spruce or balsam fir tree, and/or elements of nature found in Minnesota such as lakes, rivers, or ecosystem.

I was able to convince my youngest daughter to design an ornament.  I also decided to do it with her since they had an adult as well as a youth category.  The prizes were substantial.  First place was awarded $100, 2nd $50 and 3rd $25.  Those are big prizes for the State Fair.  Most creative or educational ribbons only award $8 for first place so this was definitely worth putting some serious effort into.  Here is what we created.  My daughter’s is first (she wanted to wear her Christmas sweater for the photo).  Mine is second.

©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

©2014 Lisa Bond Photography


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A Summer Kaleidescope



Many of summer’s good times at my house have revolved around my kids playing sports.  This year, I have especially enjoyed watching the 13-year-old boys steal bases.  When they started stealing a year or two ago, I can’t quite remember when it was, they were unsure of themselves, only running when the base coach told them to.  Now they are very comfortable with it and seem to enjoy taunting the pitcher, laughing and teasing, hopping back and forth between bases, just waiting for their chance to run.  By the time they get a little older, the fun of it seems to wear off and it becomes a lot more predictable.

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Indigenous Thoughts


I like what she’s doing and thought you might too.

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Dear Reader,

I seemed to get overall positive feedback from my blurry photo overlays and, as I said, I made a bunch. So please, enjoy more disoriented photos with wistful sayings. Thanks to Mind Body Soul Stylist (http://elyshalenkin.com/category/blog/) who came up with a perfect name for these things I have been creating, I have decided they will be called my indigenous thoughts.

This quote though.
I think I took this on a Saturday, but the idea is still nice.
This is sappy, but it kind of goes with the one before. And I think I actually took this on a Friday night so that’s fancy.
And they did.
« Lawn inhibited.” I made this woman who looks so rueful into a rebel.
From an 11 pm bus ride in December.
I took this on a boat.
I miss this place so much.
Oh god, this photo makes me so sad. There…

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Jack White vs. The Black Keys


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All right, I just came right out and said it.  Many a person has weighed in their opinion on the above match-off, and it’s my turn to get on a soapbox about it too.  First, the good and then, the ugly.

If you follow Jack White at all, you may know what he was up to on Record Store Day.  Being the genius trend setter that he is, he didn’t just follow the crowd and release an album to the record stores to sell on RSD.  No, he recorded his own brand new record in his own recording studio.  Then the lucky attendees got a copy of the record, all in the same day, to take home with them.  I was not one of those who got to attend this event but a few of those records have shown up on Ebay and they are getting more expensive by the day.  I’d like to have one but I am going to hold out and hope these recordings at least become available to the general public sometime soon.

There is an 11 minute video synopsis of it here:

Thanks to this video, I finally know what it really means to be “in the groove” and my personal favorite line from the “Lazaretto” title track is “When I say nothing, I say everything.”  That would be good advice for him to take on his stance with people copying his music.  More on that in a minute.

In the meantime, you can hear the track from side “A”, “Lazaretto”, which will be included on his next Jack White III Cd of the same name to be released in June, next week in fact.

Just as interesting, is the “B” side of that record, a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Power of My Love” and thank goodness it is available as an audio recording, at least temporarily (it’s already been taken down from YouTube, so I’m not sure how long this link will work).  This song is firing on all pistons and I can’t get enough of the musical complexity it serves up.  If you watched the video you got to see a little of it, but I wish it had included the entire song.  At least we know it was recorded so I suppose it will surface one day.


Now for the ugly.  Unfortunately, Jack decided to throw a little more fuel on the fire he started over The Black Keys allegedly stealing his material.  Thoughts were spoken that should have been caught in the brain’s filter, the one right before the vocalization happens, but it’s happened to many of us, and it recently culminated when he was quoted in the latest Rolling Stones magazine issue, of which he is gracing the cover, as saying “I hear ads where the music’s ripping off my sound, to the point I think it’s me.  Half the time, it’s the Black Keys.”  He has since taken to explaining himself, saying there was more to the story.  People are choosing their sides and as much as I love Jack (I own just about everything he’s produced but also own everything The Black Keys have ever produced), I am pretty sure that he A) did not invent the guitar or drums and B) did not invent music.  Let’s hope that he can save face.  He has since issued a public apology on Third Man Records’ website.  You can read it here:


Despite it being called an apology, it has such a bite to it that it reminds me of when I make one of my kids apologize to another one but they’re still mad and they still think they are right.  Like when they yell it at the tops of their lungs or whisper “sorry” so quietly even I can’t hear it and they are facing the other way toward the wall.  It sounds like someone made him write that letter but he still believes he is in the right.  His ego may have gotten too big for his britches and I’m sorry to even think that cause I basically think he’s the King of the music scene for the last decade or two.

If I were his advisor, I would be advocating actions speaking louder than words here, and I personally suggest he start with that Black Keys and White Stripes mix-up I dreamed up in my post from May 2012.


He is a brilliant musician but such grandstanding really is not terribly becoming and perhaps more than a bit tarnishing to his otherwise shiny Rock God image.  Music is a lot like photography in this regard…there are a lot of guitar players and a lot of photographers and it’s pretty darned tough to prove that somebody stole your ideas or copyrighted your work.  If you don’t want it to get out there, then you shouldn’t publish it.  But I think both bands have a good following, many fans are like me and appreciate Jack and The Keys with equal enthusiasm, and I think Jack would be worse off if he wasn’t producing his stuff and frankly we would be too.

What if it’s all just a big publicity stunt?

As for The Black Keys, they seem to be playing their cards right.  The Keys are lying low and any response I’ve read gives Jack an easy out saying such things like “we’ve all said stupid stuff.”  Like, it’s all right man, and then the hug with the back slapping, you know the way guys do.  So far, they sure seem to be taking the high road.

The Keys will be touring in support of their new album this summer and fall.   I pre-ordered their newest release “The Black Keys Turn Blue” (which I think Jack would have titled “The Black Keys Turn Into the White Stripes” but never mind cause we’re trying to move on here), for one reason only. So I could get the pre-sale super secret ticket access code.  I generally prefer to buy that kind of stuff (records, cds) locally so I can avoid paying shipping costs.  But I had another goal here: realizing my dreams of being in the front row and I had every hope that they were going to come true at last.  I marked my calendar for the pre-sale date.  I set 3 alarms: the oven timer, my Ipad timer, and my phone alarm.  They were rigged to go off 10 minutes in advance so I could be in the right place at the right time:  logged in to the website and registered, with my fingers eagerly waiting to type in the magic code.  When those alarms went off, I was in position and then waiting, waiting, waiting for my turn to get into the virtual waiting room and finally, bam, I’m in and it says “pick your section from the drop down menu.”  Yes, this was the moment I had been waiting for!   Then the bomb dropped. There was only one option.   “General. Admission. Floor”.


I had been duped.  #1) I am older than The Black Keys.  #2) I am short.  Don’t they realize us old people no longer choose to fight through those crowds on the floor.  Been there, done that.  I have a reputation amongst my friends for being able to weave my way to the front with the best of them.  But that was then.  Now, I want a seat and some elevation so I can see.  Plus, I probably have a camera in one hand and a beer in the other and those two things are not conducive to crowd-weaving.  I am not up for sneaking through the crowd or arriving the night before so I can sleep on the concrete and wait for the doors to open and run like heck to end up in the 21st row on the floor because they saved the first 20 rows for radio giveaways and people more important than me (my cat thinks I’m important, but he isn’t handing out concert tickets).  So hesitantly and with trepidation, I bought the tickets anyway because I didn’t know what my options would be after that.

Naturally, the next logical thing was to wait for general ticket sales.  Several days later, I was back at the computer, waiting for the gates to open. First try out of the chute, I land Row B tickets in the section right next to the stage.  Directly across from me, on the opposite side of the stage from where my tickets are, the first two sections are being reserved and sold as premium seats with ticket prices starting at $275.  So it seemed my payday came after all, but the old-fashioned way and with a little bittersweet sauce on the top of it because now I have 4 tickets to see The Black Keys.

As for Jack touring, well apparently he isn’t too pleased with his perception that people having stopped clapping because they are too busy texting at his shows.  I’ll admit to being someone who might be a delayed clapper because I have to put down something I am holding such as a beer or maybe a camera.  It’s hard to say where this will end up but I sure hope he gives us another try at the concert thing.  Maybe we could get some signs going that say “Everybody please put down your crap and clap”.  Until next time…enjoy the beginning of summer and thanks for visiting!

Classic Car Show, Part 2: The Night Gallery and Happy Mother’s Day



As mentioned in last week’s blog, I promised to show a couple of cars from the evening part of my workshop under the full moon.  If you’ve tried night photography with light painting you may already know one of the challenges is that objects do not show the accumulated (flash) light that has been painted on them, thereby leaving no evidence of how heavily or lightly it was applied or retained.  Digital photography is a world of help here and in the days of film, I bet it was a real guessing game as to what was happening.  I can’t think of anything else similar to this process where you are doing something almost imaginary (into thin air) that then appears on some other medium.  Maybe it’s like playing a musical instrument.  It disappears as it is created unless something is recording it.

For ease of reference, I am putting the daylight image first and the moonlight image second.


©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

A discerning eye might find itself thinking “Gee, if I were her, I would have moved that cardboard box in the lower right out of the way,” and I just want to say that is exactly what I was thinking when I was there but after it was already dark.  I decided to rather carefully lift the box, having been previously warned about Black Widow Spiders and other potentially toxic nocturnal creatures.  Sure enough, when I lifted the corner there was a spider sitting right there staring up at me with all eight of its eyes.  I don’t think it was a Widow, but it didn’t matter.  I kept a non-stop beam of flashlight on it for probably 10 minutes waiting and watching to see where it was going to run off to.  It didn’t budge, probably because it was blinded from the light.  I thought about killing it, but that didn’t seem right since this was the spider’s home, not mine.  I’m sensitive about that stuff.  I’m sure the spider is too.  I knew as soon as I turned off the flashlight it was going to crawl straight toward me and probably up my pant leg or get into my camera bag for a surprise visit in my hotel room later.  So I left the box, finished my work prematurely, and moved on to another car.

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Classic Car Show: Part One

On a recent car photography workshop, we spent some of our daylight hours figuring out what to shoot at night.  It was really helpful to have the sunlight available because once it got dark, the entire landscape seemed to change.  If careful notes were taken, one could find their way back to the cars that caught their eye in the light.  Here are a few from the first day that I liked.
©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

©2014 Lisa Bond Photography

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The Boss would like to see you, again


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I am feeling like I did not pay the proper respect to General Sherman and his army of giant trees, so I would like to spend a little more time discussing this area in greater detail.  This comes with a good dose of patience on my part, because I am very excited to start writing about my experience at the photography workshop in the auto junkyard.  This is personally significant in so many ways since I tend to be the kind of person who, when asked what the Make and Model of a car is, will respond with a color, such as “Well, I know that it’s green” and maybe an additional “and it has 4 doors”.  So the fact that I spent 3 nights in a junkyard photographing classic cars, it’s pretty much polar opposite of what I normally gravitate to in photography or life in general.  Anyway, back to General Sherman.

First of all, the “web quality” of those images was pretty sub-par, so let’s put up something much better.  I want you to be able to read this sign:

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A Meeting with The Boss: General Sherman up close


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There is something about seeing the biggest tree in the world that has to be experienced in person to be fully comprehended.  One can read about it and hear about it and maybe even look at some pictures of it to get a vague idea of what it means.  If you ever get a chance to see them for yourself, it is a very worthwhile trip to make.  It is when you are approaching and finally standing next to it that you can appreciate the authority it commands and the significance it represents.  General Sherman is the biggest tree in the world by mass.

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As The Crow Flies: Studying Shapes and Patterns


I made it safely to my workshop destination. The little plane was no problem and it turned out to be one of the smoothest flights I’ve ever had.  Just for the record, there were at least two “saloons” in the Utah airport.

Copyright 2014 Lisa Bond Photography

Copyright 2014 Lisa Bond Photography


Their services were not needed for this passenger who was flying on self-assurance.

It helped that I had to engage overprotectiveness with my camera gear when they tried to stow it in the cargo hold, telling me as I boarded that the plane was too small for my large carry-on bag.  I got lucky and they said I could try to get it on.  The lady sitting next to me, who was a double for Susan Sarandon, was not very happy about me wedging it under the seat in front of me, but let’s just say that everybody survived.  She did not bother saying goodbye to me at the end of the flight, despite my explaining that it was all camera gear and if it were clothing I would have been more than happy to put it under the plane.  We went our separate ways.  But we (my camera gear and I) made it safely and we’re ready to start working.

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